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Facilitates the training of Unregulated Care Providers to provide routine medications to residents in a retirement home setting.

Package Includes: Final Exam / Re-Try Exam / One Printed Copy of Graded Exam with Results / Certificate of Participation

Once you select the Final Exam, the testing time will be documented and you must complete the exam in one sitting. If you would like to improve your grade, you can continue to access the chapters and practice questions until you complete the Re-Try Exam on a future date.

Participation in RaxTechnology’s Online Training program and successful completion of the final exam does not provide certification or approval for a person to administer medications. Many organizations require a passing grade of 90% on the final exam. Following successful completion of the online program, it is recommended for Unregulated Care Providers to receive direct hands-on training, practice and evaluations by qualified organization personnel. Unregulated Care Providers should be supervised and evaluated on a regular basis so that organizations can ensure the care providers continued competency in administering routine medications.